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Innovation in extractor hood filters – make savings on extractor hood cleaning

The ultimate protection of your kitchen extraction system thanks to disposable extractor hood filters : trap up to 98% of the grease in the air before this enters the kitchen extraction system and therefore save on extractor hood cleaning.

Sick Building Sydnrome

An article by Peter Brems was recently published, which examines how poor air undermines our happiness at work. In many buildings, things go wrong and employees are affected by this as soon as they enter a building

Odour nuisance as a result of contaminated ventilation ducts

Problems with odour nuisance? Highly polluted ventilation ducts can block the airflow in such a way that the air in a certain room is no longer refreshed effectively.

Coating of extraction ducting

For the first time in Flanders, Hamster Cleaning applied a unique coating to a kitchen extraction system of a food service industry business in Limburg.

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