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Reliable and transparent extractor hood cleaning

In a transparent manner, Hamster Cleaning cleans the extractor hoods in pubs/restaurants and hotels and professional kitchens. Fire-safe extraction is guaranteed and because of a transparent policy, every customer will have a reliable impression of the work that is performed.

The specific cleaning process that is selected depends on the extractor hood, the degree of contamination and other internal factors. This can range from manual cleaning using degreasing agents, to steam cleaning or to fully automated foam cleaning of the extractor hood, ducting and fans. If required, the belts of the extraction motor or the damper will be replaced. All grease filters will, of course, be cleaned.

A clean can be booked as a one-off, alternatively, a maintenance contract can be taken out, meaning the extractor hood is maintained promptly and systematically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is extractor hood cleaning a requirement of a fire insurance policy?

Some extraction systems, such as extractor hoods and associated extraction systems of professional kitchens, constitute a fire risk when they become dirty. In Belgium, no legislation is in place stipulating the compulsory cleaning of these systems. Fire insurance is, however, compulsory.

The insurer will generally impose a number of measures in order to avoid fire hazards. Often, this means that an extraction system has to be cleaned at set intervals, for example, once a year or more frequently. A cleaning certificate or similar evidence is then typically issued by the cleaning company, to enable the customer to prove that the system has been cleaned.

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