Why Hamster Cleaning?

For a better world. Inside out.

What you do makes a difference. The difference we want to make as our contribution to the climate challenge is to focus on ventilation hygiene. “Clean from the inside” and properly maintained systems reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings. Less energy consumption means a better outdoor air quality. Clean ventilation systems also ensure a safe and clean work and living environment; contributing to the indoor air quality. By cleaning ventilation systems from the inside, we contribute to the environmental quality, both indoors and outdoors. For a better world, inside out.

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95G duct cleaning method

The 95G method is developed by Hamster Cleaning and is based on 3 pillars with each 2 aspects (in brackets):

95G duct cleaning method

Assessment: a reliable cleaning job demands thorough preparation (prepared).

During the assessment phase we calculate the budget, we engineer (engineering) the cleaning strategy and we make sure the system is fit for cleaning according to EN 12097Engineered is our key value during the assessment.

Cleaning: only skilled and certified (certified) cleaners can perform a reliable cleaning job.

This is the only way to guarantee (guaranteed) a reliable cleaning result of at least 95% and compliance with EN 15780Guaranteed our key value during the cleaning phase.

Management: documenting (documented) the past and future cleaning actions is necessary to reliably follow-up your ventilation system. 

This is also the basis for further improvement (progression). We manage your ventilation system according to the ISO 9001 standard. Reliable is our key value while managing your ventilation system.

This makes Hamster Cleaning the most reliable ventilation hygienist.

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