Why Hamster Cleaning?

Hamster Cleaning, which specialises in inspecting and cleaning air ducts, was founded in April 2014. The company was started by managing director Seppe Thys and one engineer. Nowadays, our team comprises fifteen people: four commercial/administrative staff and eleven specialised cleaners. Since its launch, Hamster Cleaning has become the Belgian standard in terms of ductwork maintenance.

Hamster Cleaning has one core value: reliability. Our ambition is to remain the most reliable air duct cleaning partner. Not the fastest, cheapest, or most expensive … but the most reliable.

That is why we promise that, after completion of every project, at least 95 percent of the ducting will be clean. Obviously, we aim for the full 100 percent, but give ourselves a 5 percent margin for the parts that are sometimes difficult to reach. That is because our aim is to ensure that absolutely no changes are made to the infrastructure.


Prior to cleaning commencing, a kick-off meeting will always take place. Clear agreements are reached and our people will always ensure that almost all services and departments – with the exception of a theatre and cleanroom – can remain operational.

To be able to guarantee a reliable result, Hamster Cleaning only works with specifically developed cleaning equipment and specialist cleaners. Hamster Cleaning obtained its certificate as an air duct cleaner in Denmark, in accordance with the principles of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).


Hamster Cleaning launched its new logo in October 2018. The well-known β€˜hamster’s head’ was replaced by a more contemporary and more abstract logo.

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