The second corona wave is in full swing and the experts are unambiguous: good ventilation is an important aspect to get the virus under control. In recent weeks, Hamster Cleaning has received about fifteen questions for 'corona advice' about the use of a ventilation system.

Below is a selection of the most important questions, with our answers, of course.

Why is good ventilation so important at the moment?

The coronavirus spreads, among other things, through corona particles in the air. Good air circulation is necessary to ensure that these particles do not remain suspended in the air. This is only possible with a correctly functioning and clean ventilation system, which flushes or dilutes the air, as it were. Is that so-called rinsing or dilution saving? No, but it does lower the risk of contamination.

An important note: it is recommended to only use air conditioning or recirculation air with HEPA filters during corona times. If there are none, switch off the system. Even if filters are present, there is a chance that they do not filter the particle size of the virus or not sufficiently.

Do I have to maintain my ventilation system differently due to the coronavirus?

The position of Hamster Cleaning is still the same as on day one of the lockdown: if you already have a periodic maintenance plan for your ventilation system and air ducts, you should not change anything. For the companies that have so far not done anything about their air ducts (comfort ventilation), it is time to take action.

Good ventilation and dirty ducts do not go together. It therefore makes sense to have the air ducts checked and, as soon as the maximum permitted amount of dirt (g/mΒ², cf. EN 15780) is exceeded, to proceed with cleaning.

Could the virus be in my ventilation system/air ducts?

No. A well-maintained ventilation system can never be a source of contamination in the context of Covid-19.

Will disinfecting my ventilation system help?

In principle, disinfection is not necessary for a well-maintained ventilation system, but depending on the circumstances, a user can still err on the side of caution.

For example, there is a difference between an intensive care unit, where the corona virus has raged, and a school that has been closed for two to three months.

If the extraction grids in that intensive care unit are dirty, disinfection after cleaning can be useful. In the closed school with a correctly maintained ventilation system, it is pointless to have a disinfection carried out in the run-up to the new school year.

Do homes with C or D systems need to be maintained?

Not to fight the coronavirus, but to guarantee a healthy living environment. The Scientific and Technical Center for the Construction Industry (WTCB) recommends cleaning residential air ducts after nine years, but Hamster Cleaning knows from experience that that period is too long. Cleaning every three to four years is recommended.

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