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Cleaning of ventilation ducts: why?

In all places, for example airports, shopping malls, offices, schools and private homes, we have a right to fresh air. Every day we consume about 2 kg of food, otherwise we absorb more than 15 000 liters of air, which is equal to ca. 15 kg air.

Fouling of ducts annually mounts up to 1 to 3 g / m². After about three years, this fouling is already disturbing: the capacity and efficiency of the ventilation system decreases. In Scandinavia, it is necessary to have the ducts cleaned every five years by a specialized company. In practice, duct cleaning often escapes at the attention. Taking into account the cleaning of air ducts during the service plan of the complete ventilation system, the running costs of a ventilation system can be reduced dramatically.

The air contains dust and moisture. In the perimeter of zones of turbulence, dust accumulates on surfaces. In the case of mechanical ventilation, dust will settle on the fan blades and in the air ducts, which changes the ventilation profile. The pressure drop of the ventilation systems increased, while the fan has less power in sparen to deliver the air to the user. Narrow grilles get dirty faster. In air ducts, dirt accumulates behind sharp edges, at screws and behind the elbows. Upon fouling of the heat recovery unit, the efficiency of the heat exchanger is lowered, which results in the pulsion air being a few degrees cooler . Ventilation systems must be available for periodic maintenance. Cleaning or replacing filters in time is essentially in principle the task of the tenant. The maintenance of ducts and the fan and the setting of the installation can be performed only by qualified specialists.

Maintenance of ventilation

Hamster Cleaning is specialized in servicing ventilation systems, and especially in air duct inspection and air duct cleaning.

Method of air duct cleaning

Inspection et Nettoyages de Conduits de Ventilation
Inspection et Nettoyages de Conduits de Ventilation

Before starting a duct cleaning work, a camera inspection will be conducted to determine the level of contamination and general condition of the pipes. Photographic and video material will be provided for evaluation.

Cleaning the system will be based on the principle described cf. the guidelines of the EVHA. The ventilation system will be put under negative pressure by the use of a powerful vacuum. While this vacuum subtracts the air from the system, a rotating brush system removes dirt from the system.

Hamster Cleaning works according to EN 15780 and EVHA standards. A final project report will be prepared. Illustrative material will be available after the cleaning.

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