12.10.2017Innovation in extractor hood filters – make savings on extractor hood cleaning

The ultimate protection of your kitchen extraction system (extractor hood, ducting and motor) on account of disposable extractor hood filters (grease trap filters): traps up to 98% of the grease in the air before this enters the kitchen extraction system and therefore save on extractor hood cleaning.

The grease trap filters of Hamster Cleaning offer an effective grease management system that negates the need for expensive cleaning of kitchen ducting. Hamster filters are long-lasting, fire-retardant wool filters which capture grease before it enters the plenum within the extractor hood, ducting and motor, where this grease would otherwise be deposited, subsequently forming a fire hazard.

Our grease trap filters are disposable and offer an easy to install and greener solution in comparison to the use of excess water and chemical agents. There is no longer a need to close off the kitchen for periodic cleaning of the extractor hood.

Hamster filters capture up to 98% of grease particles. A significant improvement in efficiency in comparison to normal metal grease trap filters, which only capture approximately 18-20% of those same grease particles. Hamster filters are made from wool, meaning they are not only fire-retardant (certified), but also fully biodegradable.


• \ Financial savings

• \ An ongoing cleaning system

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